Now it is worth fixing your interest, with the variable you can get off your monthly repayment!

The process that characterized the last few years ended, with mortgage rates and monthly repayments favorably lower than usual. Depending on the interest periods, the repayment details will already increase at the shortest interest periods.

We want to help you, who chose a shorter interest period for your loan, how to change it to a fixed interest rate, is there any way?


Everyone knew that this favorable period would change once and that interest rates would go in the opposite direction, they would rise

It wasn’t a question of getting up, but nobody knew when. Many expected a change in the interest rate environment until the end of 2019, the beginning of 2020.

Currently, some banks have already raised the repayment details of mortgages.


Since the beginning of this year, GFI has shown significant growth, which immediately raises floating rate short-term installments.

The interest rate on floating rate loans consists of 2 parts:

  • the interest rate premium, which is normally unchanged over the life of the loan, and
  • from the reference rate, which is based on the 12-month GFI in Hungary.

Significant increase in reference rates this year,

  • It increased its 3-month GFI to 0.28%.

Both 6 and 12 month GFI:

  • the former from 0.04% in March to 0.41%,
  • the latter rose from 0.09% in January to 0.62%.

Let’s look at an example I quote from our financial expert:


“The installment of a $ 15 million 15-year mortgage loan with a 3 percentage point premium over a 3-month period was $ 103,600 at the beginning of the year, now rising to $ 105,400. In the case of the 6-month period the repayment of the above loan increased from HUF 103,900 to HUF 106,600, while in the case of the 12-month interest period it increased from HUF 104,000 to HUF 108,000. “

Sooner or later, those with floating rate loans will notice the changes.

The fixers are safe.

If you only have a fixed term loan of 5 or 10 years, you will only feel protected from interest rate increases for a while. However, those who have fixed their credit for a full term are safe.

If you look at the total loan portfolio, it turns out that 60% consists of floating rate loans. There is a growing demand for fixed mortgages, but variable short-term mortgages are still leading. .

If you decide to switch to a fixed loan at the beginning of your payday rise, you may not be able to do so easily.

Let’s look at the possibility of fixation!


The options for changing the interest rate on loans vary from bank to bank.

  • GFI Bank will only allow the change of the interest period for Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loans, but only at the interest rate change. In the case of market mortgages, this can only be solved by redeeming a loan, which involves taking out a new loan.
  • B and L Bank also allows interest rate changes on market loans, but only on contracts based on applications submitted after September 26, 2013, and may only apply for options at the bank, which had a maturity of 5 years. Applicants here will be excluded from the fixed option as a result.

“In the case of a Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan, the optional interest period when changing the interest period may be that offered by the bank to new borrowers. The transaction is free and only one form is requested by the bank! The change will not be subject to the debt brake rule, ”we learned from a banking expert.

  • GFI Bank customers can only request a longer interest period by redeeming loans within the bank. This means that a new credit review will be launched, at no cost and free of charge. In the case of Fixed Rate Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loans, you can also switch the interest period free of charge.
  • Good Finance Bank only allows you to switch to a longer-term or permanently fixed home loan with a loan redemption. Here, too, a new loan application must be submitted, during which the bank will re-examine the creditworthiness of its customers. Some fees will eventually be refunded by the Bank.

Anyone who wants to switch now would have a longer or more permanent fix, with the option open, though in some cases with different conditions at banks, but you can change the maturity! Either simply with a printout or a more sophisticated new application, but it’s worth the effort to secure our credit.

Those who make this decision make the right decision! It can be seen from the new borrowings that the ratio of fixed loans is increasing significantly, the majority of Hungarians do not want to risk anymore!

The big decision in our lives is to make a home loan, prudent, foresighted, thoughtful and responsible.

If you would like to take a loan, you are interested in your options, you are thinking about buying a loan, call our credit brokerage experts to help you with your decision!

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