Berlin – Renewable energies are further promoted: Already from April consumers receive more money from the state for the installation of a pellet heating or the installation of a solar system. The funding of the so-called market incentive program is to receive around 350 million euros annually.


Picture: Thermostatic valve with pellets 

What subsidies are there for solar systems?

Anyone who wants to capture solar energy with solar collectors in order to heat them will in future receive at least 2,000 euros in basic subsidies instead of 1,500 euros for the construction of the plant. According to information from the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), the subsidy is higher than the basic subsidy, as the square meter-related subsidy has been increased from the previous 90 euros to 140 euros per square meter of collector surface.

Those who combine the construction of a new solar system with the modernization of the heating will receive additional bonuses. For the replacement of the boiler, there are up to 500 euros. Also promoted are measures for the optimization of existing systems such as the replacement of radiators by low-temperature radiators or the installation of highly efficient circulation pumps.

After a longer break in production, there is also money for the construction of a solar system on an existing building, if this is to serve only for hot water. There are 50 euros for each square meter of collector surface, but at least 500 euros.

What does the promotion of biomass plants and heat pumps look like?

There is money here for boilers for burning pellets and wood chips, pellet stoves with water pockets, combination boilers and particularly low-emission log wood gasification boilers. Excluded from the promotion are pure pellet stoves. For the installation of pellet stoves with water bag there was at least 1,400 euros, now it is at least 2,000 euros. For pellet boilers, the minimum subsidy rate increases from 2,400 euros to 3,000 euros. The basic subsidy for woodchip plants amounts to a flat rate of 3,500 euros, for log wood plants there are 2,000 euros. Again, there are bonuses in combination with other measures.

For electric heat pumps, the delivery varies depending on the heat source. Here, too, additional subsidies are possible in combination with other plants, a connection to the heating network or optimization measures. A quality check of a heat pump can be subsidized once, if the system has been running for at least one year.

Who can apply for the funding?

Private individuals as well as companies, freelancers, municipalities and non-profit organizations. Tenants and tenants need written permission from the owner to build and operate the property on his estate. The money is intended for measures in existing private buildings, with new buildings there is only funding for particularly innovative plants. Applications must be submitted to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa).

When will the higher subsidy rates apply?

From 1 April, ie with the entry into force of the new funding directive. Anyone submitting their applications must be content with the old, lower funding rates.